Artistic Heritage of V.E. Belov


Artistic Heritage of V.E. Belov is a huge reservoir of realistic painting, which embodied an entire era.
His paintings are the embodiment of the best traditions of the Soviet school of art and unique expression of painting that gives a sense of modernity and amazingly young soul of the artist.
The theme “People and Earth” permeates the whole work of the master and his favourite genre is landscape.
Moreover, the landscape is inexhaustible theme: here you can see majestic Carpathian Mountains, lyrical corners of Sednev and industrial power of Kryvbas, and vast expanses of Ukraine.

Belov V. – Northern village. Oil on canvas, 50*65. 1970

The work of an ordinary person and the beauty of the land on which he lives are revealed in multi-sided panorama of life in Belov’s paintings – village huts on hillsides, forest lakes, motives of spring awakening, thaw, beauty of snow-capped day, vast fields of ripe wheat. His landscape seems to collect and synthesize in one moment everything the most stable, unshakable, eternal, that the artist feels in nature. Almost everywhere he resorts to “high horizon” where the earth’s surface has an accurate shape. The open spaces are represented from a bird’s eye view in their immense beauty. The pictures format – square – strengthens and completes the feeling of solidity and reliability of the land depicted. Organic fusion of genre motif with the landscape paintings gives the master’s pictures authenticity, making them real, animate, alive (“Northern Village”, “Karelian landscape”).

Belov V. – March. Oil on canvas, 60*65. 1979

The people in his paintings do not seek to occupy a prominent place, but are an integral part of the whole work, their presence will give the hidden meaning to the work.

“Quiet frosty evening. The small northern village. The cold gray colour is warmed only with windows light and colourful clothes of the villagers. “This generalized image of the northern land is created by the artist with an amazing warmth and generosity of heart.
Works by Viktor Emelyanovich surprise and delight with a rich palette of pearl-gray tones, where the most subtle gradations of light depict both air transparency and land density. The rich colours of golden-red tones contrasted with cool blue and purple tones of the sky and the river (“Autumn Day”).

Belov V. – White nights. Oil on canvas, 53*73. 1965

Master compositions are often concentrated in the centre of the picture, developing upon the multidimensional imaging. Belov constructs his pictures with the help of expressive thick lines, which create so-called surfaces. Bending with relief or repeated horizontal arcs, this line helps the eye to feel the shape and direction of each object, to determine their position in space and perspective. The pictures themselves are aimed at creating tangibility and reality of the portrayed world.

Grand Master summarized the concept of “small motherland” in the image of the “Planet Earth”, transforming the traditional national all-encompassing feeling of man – earth – universe.

Art expert, Kosmina V.L.

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